“You may take it”

It is a truth that saint had brought the solar system also under his control like Joshua, the prophet. Mr. D ‘Cruz the official Royal painter and famous thinker got the fortune to witness the ability of the saint. Mr. K. M. Varghese (Chithramezhuth great painter) had reported the matter in the newspapers of those days.  “Wonder happened in the sky” was the headline of the news.  Mr. D’cruz stated that the incident was above reasons and explanations.  Mr. D’cruz admits that he was really frightened.  He says that he had thirty year’s experience in the photography. The day on which he had attempted to photograph Parumala Thirumeni was not at all a favorable day. It was in 1902.  He had attempted to take a photograph of Thirumeni as the Divan Mr. Nagamayya directed him.  The Divan wanted a photograph of the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church to add in the Travancore state manual as a model.  Parumala Thirumeni was staying at Trivandrum church in those days.  As pre-planned, Mr. D’cruz reached the church in the morning itself.  

                        At that time Thirumeni was inside the church conducting prayers followed by the celebration of the Holy Qurbana.  By 7 a.m. the sunlight was hot.  So he returned and went back by 4 p.m. By that time Thirumeni had entered the private prayers and meditations.  He had to go after Thirumeni two or three days to get a convenient time. One day he got a chance at 10 a.m. By that time the sunlight was too bright.  Thirumeni understood the photographer’s problem and pitiful condition.  Then he looked at the sun and stood two minutes in silence. The photographer looked at Thirumeni’s face as well as at the sky.  In the meantime, Thirumeni raised the Sleeba in his hand and blessed in the shape of cross.  Within no time the bright sun was covered by a thin cloud so that the extreme brightness was covered, providing most suitable light for the photography. Thirumeni said, “You may take it”.  As soon as he took the photograph the sun became extremely bright as before.

Original Photo Taken By D’cruz