“Who is that?” ,”Who are you?”, “Are you my father?”

An incident that happened in the period while the saint was living in the Azhippura still causes wonderment among the local inhabitants. One night in an autumn season when there was full moon, the saint was roaming around the southern courtyard after evening prayer and bath as usual. The time was not over 7 p.m. Saint saw somebody standing near the northern fencing. The saint suspected that the black complexioned person must be from the neighborhood. So the saint did not ask anything and turned back. When the saint came again to that side, the man was again to be seen.  The saint asked, “Who is that?” And the answer was “It is me”. The saint again asked, “Who are you?” Then he answered “I am your father”; the saint asked, “Are you my father?” The answer was “If you worship me I will give all these”. The saint understood who he was and what was his intention, and answered seriously ” If you are my father, let me adore my father”.  The saint turned to the right and made the sign of cross and knelt down on earth and turned to him and made the sign of cross. By that time the black figure was running in fear.

               Thirumeni entered his room and took rest for some time. While their master was  perceived taking rest as against routines, the Deacons asked the reason. When they insisted, the saint explained what had happened. They knew no bounds for their joy when they were sure that their master could frighten even the evil powers and spirits, with God’s Grace. A few of the disciples who were a witness of this event lived long.