“Can’t the devil move from there !!!”

Another incident which was also well known was for the power of life.  It came out from the words of the saint and is quoted here from memory, as it is best suited for the opportunity.  Once the saint visited Thumpamon Parish when it came under his administration. It is heard that this was in 1857 or 1858.  One day Thirumeni intended to visit the land set apart for the cemetery.  So the saint along with the priests and other responsible laymen set apart a time to visit there after Morning Prayer. It was just opposite to church in the eastern side.  While they were returning from the plot, one lady was noticed standing at the entrance of the plot staring at the saint and blocking the way to the church. Thirumeni didn’t care about it and stood where they all were standing. The time passed ahead.  The lady did not move.  Thirumeni thought of going to the church after the lady moved from there and they purposely stayed for some more time. The lady was quite young, beautiful, and dressed in wet clothes, after taking bath in a pond nearby.  She was a Nair lady on her way to her home with her aides.  One person asked her to move from the way, but she didn’t.  The saint wanted to go to the church for some urgent need.  Still she did not move. The saint finally asked, “Can’t the devil move from there”, after which the  assistants took her home by force since they were running short of time. The lady was murmuring something. When she reached home her talking increased much more. The family members got frightened in the sudden change of the lady’s nature.  Many physicians were brought in. As there was no relief after months, the close relatives took interest in seeking treatment from a magician. He was of the opinion that it was the curse of a holy monk. 

                 The saint ignorant of what had happened to the lady, had left Thumpamon and had visited several other churches. In due course of time Thirumeni reached Thumpamon for his next visit.  By the time the close relatives were looking for the Holy monk from whom the lady had been cursed and approached the Holy Saint for help.The problem was solved. The private prayers and meditation of the saint hindered the hastiness of the family members. Their anxiety increased.  They also prayed to God Almighty with all their hearts for the welfare of their lady. The saint had covered hours together in private prayers. When the saint was coming out of the church for other personal needs, he listened to the same sort of prayers from a group.  The saint was surprised. When Thirumeni saw the lady with folded hands standing in a great feeling of awe, he sympathized. They all listened -“Don’t worry.  She will be fine. But she must lead a good life.  ” These were the words that came out then and there from the saint. The listeners were thrilled.  Whenever the saint visited Thumpamon church later, the members of her family used to bring presents to honour the saint.

Small Pox 
  Many people from Thumpamon area died of smallpox after 1886.  When the saint heard about this, he rushed to the place and visited the homes of the patients one after another irrespective of caste, creed or colour.  Thirumeni’s visit was a soothing relief from the fear, due to his prayers and possible services, which wererendered during the visits.  The saint had asked his followers to do the same for the frightened people.  The patients got relief slowly but steadily.  Until the killer disease had completely disappeared from that place, Thirumeni stayed at the church. By that time faith and respects toward Thirumeni from the local inhabitants doubled many times.