Present Church

The leadership of the Malankara Orthodox Church was very particular that the new church at Parumala should be designed and constructed in consideration with the antiquity of the Orthodox Church and the basic customs and traditions of the people of Kerala.

Then, there arose the question as to whether the old church building should be completely demolished or whether the new church should be built very close to the old one, there by retaining the old church intact. After prolonged discussions and deliberations, it was decided to retain the Holy Altar (Sanctum Sanctorum) and the room where the mortal remains of Parumala Thirumeni are entombed (Kabar Muri) and to construct the entire church anew.

This decision was taken in view of the following facts:-

  1. The cracks on the roof and flooring of the altar of the old church were gradually widening and deepening.<
  2. If the old church is retained, at least a few of the pilgrims will remain there while the Holy Service is going on in the  new church  and this will not be conducive to the maintenance of solemnity and decorum in the church premises.
  3. If there are two churches, it will be difficult to proceed to the kabar muri for smoke-offering.

Therefore Mr. Charles Correa, world-renowned Architect was requested to design a big church which could accommodate more than 2000 worshippers who could offer their prayers for the intercession of the Saint Mar Gregorios. It was also hoped that the new church would reflect the history, tradition and culture of the Orthodox Church in India.

New Church _38_.JPG