Old Church

Parumala is a small stretch of land on the shores of the river “Pampa”. In the days of old, many Brahmin families were living on this island which has an area of about 4 square miles. For various reasons, in course of time these families left the place. However, as relics, we can still see the broken down basements of buildings, disused ponds etc. with the departure of the Brahmins, the place became almost wild, desolate area.


Old Parumala Church

The famous ‘Panayannar Kavu’ was situated north of the present site of the Parumala Church. The place was rather notorious for blood-curdling sheep-slaughter and man-slaughter ostensibly in connection with black art. The horrifying atmosphere of the island was further strengthened by the hear-say that a dreaded ‘Yakshi’ (Witch) who slipped away from the hands of the priest-magician Kadamattathu Kathanar had settled there.
In those days, Rama Rayar, Peshkar (District Collector) of Quilon registered a big plot of land near panayannar kavu in his brother-in-law’s name. Sri Korula Mathen of Arikupurathu Family, A well-known resident of Pavukara was given permission to cultivate this land after registering necessary documents. In course of time, the entire stretch of land became the property of Arikupurathu family as per the ‘Vila Adharam’ (Registered Document).