Land for Church


In those days, Palakkunnath Mathews Mar Athanasius was staying in the Parish-house of the Niranam church, taking care of the administration of the church as Malankara Metropolitan. Thanks to the favourable attitude and intervention of the British Rulers, the Metropolitan was given special privileges and powers. He supported and followed the reformation movements in the church begun by his paternal uncle Palakkunnath Abraham Malpan. It was during these days that Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionysius was ordained as Metropolitan.

Despite being the real ‘Head’ of the Malankara Church, Mar Dionysius did not have the influence or clout to confront his adversary who kept all the institutions of the church in his custody, especially in the southern regions. The Metropolitan wanted to establish a seminary in this area and submitted everything before the will of the almighty. This fervent wish was uppermost in his mind while he was staying in the Paliyekkara Church, Thiruvalla. There he met Arikupurathu Mathen Karnavar one day and the Seminary project cropped up in their conversation. Before long, the Metropolitan rode to Parumala and the generous karanavar freely donated a square plot of 30 ‘Dandhs’ area for the construction of the seminary on 13th Karkkadakam 1047 ME.


Grave Stone Of Arikupurathu Mathen Karnavar


The plot has an area of 2 acres as per modern measurements. An ordinary building called ‘Azhippura’ was soon built on this plot of land for conducting classes for the deacons etc. Syriac classes were begun here under the care of Fr.Yakob. In course of time, Metropolitan Mar Dionysius gave the charge of the seminary to Metropolitan Mar Gregorios (Later known as Parumala Thirumeni), in order to carry on the Syriac teaching sessions more efficiently and also to help him in other church matters.