He came near the boat and inquired the reason for their cry

Another incident is reported here.  It happened when saint had been staying in the new room. In those days, the construction of the church and the seminary had not reached the present stage.  A temporary building was the church of those days. It was a rainy season when Pampa River got flooded.  Water entered the shores and the water came to the courtyard of the new room also.  The flow of water and the underground currents made the travel of the heavy load boats very disturbed.  In this atmosphere a boat loaded with goods from the east was stopped near Parumala church in the evening.  The boat carried Mangoes, Jackfruits, Tapioca etc. from Kollakadavu for the sale at the western areas. The boatmen belonged to the place called Veeyapuram.  They had stopped at Parumala looking for a safe place.  They spent the night without sleeping. At about midnight they saw black complexioned people entering the boat.  They were frightened, even though they had thought about God and the church but they could not concentrate in their real prayer. Their attentions were distracted.  

                They were thinking more about their lives than they were thinking about their goods for livelihood.  At that time they noticed that a long person in white robes coming from the side of the church.  They hoped for help and requested by crying.  He came near the boat and inquired the reason for their cry. When all details were told, he instructed them to keep the boat further ahead and told that there would not be any disturbances. They did as they were asked. Afterwards they did not see anyone.  Next morning Thirumeni was taking rest in the room after the morning prayers.  The boatmen came there with certain presents for helping them in the previous night. But Thirumeni had no idea about the previous night’s incidents. This fact frightened the boatmen further. But Thirumeni was sure about the black complexioned and the white robed person.  The person who helped them had come from the church.

                 When the boatmen knew that the church was dedicated to St. Peter, they knew the person who helped them was St. Peter and the place shown to them as the safest place was straight to the room of St. Gregorious.  When they realized that St. Peter, the first among the apostles, too recognized St. Gregarious as a fort of protection, they were very much surprised.