Fixed time for the heavy rain

The preparation was started a year prior to the actual date (Vrichikam 12,1897) to celebrate the silver jubilee of priesthood ordination of H. G. Mar Dionesios Metropolitan, Pulikkottil at Kottayam.  The large-scale arrangements were approaching the actual date.  The continuous heavy rain also started.  Many suspected that the program would be postponed.  The energy of the organizers subsided seeing the heavy rain. All were confused as how to proceed further.  There was no limit to the rain. On Sunday the saint delivered the sermon.  He said, “We longed to do certain things.  It is our belief that it is in accordance with the will of God.  The arrangements are almost over to see that the program is successful. But the heavy rains are disturbing it. God could only discover a solution for this. It is our prayer to grant our wish and desire.  It is our faith that the heavy rains will be over by that time.”  And he concluded the speech. 
It was a day close to Jubilee. Many invitees and people belonging to different denominations were there. They as well as our members could not believe it.  They found difficulty in believing so.  Many of them had murmured over this statement too. While many spent time in worries Thirumeni was hopeful and was depending on the grace of God. Thirumeni gave instruction to perform all activities as pre-planned and said that the rain would move away.  The heavy cooking pots were kept to prepare the dinner of the day.  Ah! What a surprise’ Suddenly the heavy rains stopped. As God had swept the rain with the wind, the clouds became clear and the atmosphere became bright.  The flow of the faithful increased.  Large parties were arranged with 1300 drums of rice during the supper and the next day meals. The next day there was a royal procession from M. D. Seminary to the old seminary.  Soon after the procession, there was a display of fireworks. All these events were over without the disturbance of the rain. The incidents after this were quite surprising.  As mentioned in the Edavaka Pathrika (Church Bulletin) of 1897, the rains had gone to some other places allowing the church to celebrate the Jubilee. This incident was a surprise to all, irrespective of their religion. So the fame of the saint increased and all alike was attracted to him.