Embellishment of the Church



The western face of the tomb was closed in 1910. The altar on the northern side was dedicated in the name of St. Mary and the one on the southern side in the name of St. Thomas. Subsequently all the three altars were embellished with the beautiful ‘Kdouskudisin’ golden gilt work. During this phase, in the development of the church, the then Malankara Metropolitan Vattasseril Mar Dionysius was the main organizer of the activities. Later on, Very.Rev. Punnoose Ramban (who later became the illustrious Catholicose of the East – His Holiness Baselius Geevarghese II) was the Manager of the Parumala Seminary.


Altar Of The Old Church


 On 6th June 1925, Metropolitan Yuyakkim Mar Ivanios (1858 – 1925) who used to stay in the Parumala Seminary passed away. His mortal remains were entombed close to the tomb of Parumala Thirumeni. The church at Parumala, built by Mar Gregorios could contain only 300 worshippers. Hence the church was extended towards the west in 1930, with a porch (Natakasala) and with a balcony hall above. Then the church was large enough to accommodate  800 devotees. In 1960, a pillared-hall with a dome overhead was built on the northern side of the tomb so that people could conveniently pray and make their offerings. A tower was also built on the north-west side.

 Old Church Parumala _3_.jpg

Old Church After Extension

The Parumala Seminary was highly useful, especially for the deacons in the south, when the Kottayam seminary was in the possession of Mathews Mar Athanasius. Had it not been there, the Syriac – learning of the Deacons in the south – would have been badly affected.

Parumala Seminary

Old Church Parumala _4_.jpg

Old Parumala Church


Old Tomb Of Thirumeni