Ceylon Journey

St. Gregorious was able to establish branches of the Malankara church not only outside Kerala, but also outside India. In 1889 Thirumeni elevated Rev. Fr. Avarice as a Ramban and later participated the elevation rituals as H. G. Mar Alvarice Metropolitan.The church decided to elevate one of the new members of the church who had embraced our church from other faiths in U. S.A. as a Metropolitan.  For this purpose Thirumeni went to Colombo with H.G. Mar Athanasios Metropolitan on 3rd edavam1889.  Mar Julius Alvaris Metropolitan was with them.  They reached Tuticorin via. Alappuzha and Trivandrum and from there they reached Colombo. On the way they had many obstacles, accidents and even attacks from the Roman Catholics, but God Almighty protected them and saved them. Great leaders among our new members there like Dr. Pinto etc. gave leadership for the reception of the Metropolitans and they all reached the St. Mary’s church of Mar Alvaris Metropolitan.  On 16th, Thursday was the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

              On 16th Rev. Fr. Vilathi was elevated as a Ramban and on 17th he was elevated as a Metropolitan.  He was elevated as Mar Vilathi Themotheios Metropolitan of U .S.  The consul of America in Colombo received our Metropolitans with great reverence and respect, and willingly shared the expenses of consecration, and he did what he could, to make the function beautiful and successful.  The Latin Christians from Sri Lanka who had embraced Orthodox faith had given a reception to all Metropolitans and honoured them and presented so many gifts.  The Metropolitans replied their good words and deeds.  While coming back from Ceylon, they had a reception at Trivandrum under the auspices of our parish there.  In the initiative of Mar Themothios Metropolitan both the senior Metropolitans got an honour from the government of U.S.A. viz. “Commander of the Crown of Thorns”.  This honour and the establishment of a branch overseas were apiece of good fortune for the Malankara church.